Dr Who Tunnel Animation

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Good day.

I have followed the tutorial on creating the Dr Who Tunnel fairly close and I've almost got it, but I am having a heck of a time getting the camera in sync with the tunnel animation. I've tried off-setting the tunnel track with the camera track on the timeline like the tutorial suggests, but it still comes out out of sync. When I adjust the Y position of the emitter I get closer, but the camera track still goes in and out of the tunnel. Not sure what I'm missing.

It's a great effect, just trying to nail it down.

Any suggestions appreciated.

You can see what I'm doing here. It's an MP4 file.







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    Shadiest link I've seen. YouTube/Vimeo/Google please.

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    Didn't check the link, but when I've done this effect I have had a similar problem. Make sure to reset the camera's position after your parent it to the point. If you don't, it won't line up.

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    You might not be doing anything "wrong," it's a tricky effect. You get a good tunnel track you have to balance the speed of the particle sim with how fast you move the tunnel and emitter. It's a lot of tuning. 

    When Axel made the tutorial Hitfilm didn't have Manual Bezier curves and the value graph. This is probably the best tool to use.