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Is there a place that I can collaborate with other filmmakers on movies and maybe just do the VFX or something? That way I don't have to write and film everything and can just do the VFX, which I enjoy doing.


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    @ThePython Would you like to help me with something? I'm looking for people so I don't always don't have to do the vfx myself haha. I'd prefer writing and directing honestly. 

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    To me, this is the dark beast of film-making. I have been involved in 9 shorts so far. Only 2 of them with more or less the same team. Finding people to collaborate who have the time (except for that repeat team, it has always been an amateur group with no money and very constrained schedules), is incredibly challenging. 

    People dismiss film school on the internet because you pay a lot for something (film education) that is not that valuable since you can get it for free on the internet, but my impression (and what many people argue too) is that what you are really paying for is access to a group of people who may become your team at some point.

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    @AramM very true. You're paying for the chance to work with like minded, motivated people, who, yes, may become contacts and co-workers (I get a little tickle when I see former classmates come up in major credits. Many of my classmates have much better careers than I). You're ALSO paying for the opportunity to play with very good equipment, studio space, greenscreens, and easy access to actors as most decent film schools are connected to theater schools. You're also arguably paying for better quality instructors. Andrew Kramer, Freddie Wong and Ryan Connelly aren't going to look at your projects and give you feedback. And, if you're an Adobe user, you're paying for the privilege of educational versions of the software. There are certain things about film school you shouldn't need, but there are advantages as well. 

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    This is a cool idea and I think that FXHome should make a section for people who are looking to do online collabs with other people. People skills and working as a team may prove invaluable in the long run. :D


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    You guys were lucky... my film school was a joke; the only actual requirement for graduation was that your tuition was paid up.

    I've found a few students from there that I work with on a repeat basis, but only 4 out of about 120 that I've met so far. It's pretty sad, because the biggest advantage really should be to put together a team of like-minded and dedicated people to build a production company with.

    Forums like this are a good place to find collaborators, clearly.

    I just signed on a film that's going to be in need of some VFX (digi-critters, matte paintings)... or rather, I've given a verbal agreement, and  I'm just waiting for a version of the contract that includes what we agreed on before signing. :)


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    There are actually Internet fora or subfora dedicated to the whole "finding people" thing, but I do not think they are very successful. 

    For example:

    I recently checked UK threads in and they were quite dead. 

    I have also seen people ask for collaborators on but, again, my impression is that their success was limited.

    Speaking of all this. Anyone in London doing something for the Rode Reel competition this year?

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    My goal is to help people grow. What is it that you're trying to achieve?

    • Practice
    • Exposure
    • Channel Growth
    • Help others

    I would be more than happy to collaborate. I worked with about 5 others in the past and am currently partnered with 3 others currently on various projects. Let me know what your goals are and I'll try my best to cater to your needs and help you grow :)

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    The community here is a major plus for HitFilm ;)


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    Well I have been pretty quiet on this thread, just seeing what the mood is. I had privately mentioned this to others on the forum to gauge the mood, drip the toe in the bath if you will. Anyway, the short answer is of course why not have a collaborative section but it does come with risks.

    For example ;

    People having their time and efforts wasted by projects failing to get finished.

    No clear agreements leading to issues around insufficient credit being given or profits being made either directly or indirectly and others involved feeling they should have a share.

    Of course as a community we all share peace and love and this may never happen, but we are only human (I’m looking at your Mr President and Mr Dictatorship). So I say go for it, throw your need or services out there, but be clear about what you need or can deliver and be realistic about the expectations around engagement.


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    Collaborations is a great idea. 

    A place on hitfilm, to collaborate on certain shots or things like that is cool.

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    I wonder about exchanging "services" that are easy for us to accomplish. Like, I own a legal copy of RX5 and every time I use it, it blows my mind. 

    I am not a sound engineer, in fact, I am pretty hard of hearing and cannot hear anything over 16KHz (too much partying in my youth). But I can probably rescue sound that is not a total disaster, but could use some cleaning with little effort. So hit me up if that's something you need.

    This guy (who I am sure is way better at it than I am) is doing it and getting some money (not much at all) for it.

    At the same time, there may be people who are really good using video noise reduction and could help with that (I, for one, cannot get a satisfying result out of the Hitfilm denoiser, even though people swear by it).

    Here is a dude that is making money out of that.

    So, yeah, basically, instead of full fledged collaboration, I suggest we could do small time collaboration first (or join fiverr and make very little money out of our skills).

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    wow. so many questions answered in just a single topic. thanks all for your contributions, I would have to get through lots of headaches to learn it all on my own and to take lots of Imitrex pills.

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    @CNK I think that too. It would be great if we all could do online collabs.

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