Music Video Production w/ Hitfilm Question

Is anyone (or any of you) using Hitfilm Pro professionally for music video production? I'd love to see some examples with cool, creative edits & fx usage and/or tutorials on the the results achieved & the associated workflow. 

I'm considering getting into Hitfilm & currently in the researching phase to see whether it will be worth investing my time in the learning curve. Although I'm certain it's not as complex as AE+Premier, I'm wondering if I could achieve most (relatively speaking) of the results that I see being produced in current music videos inside of Hitfilm alone. 



  • Andy001z
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    I am not a music video professional or a Hitfilm professional either, however I have invested a lot of time into learning and using Hitfilm and so with that in mind this is my personal opinion.

    Of course you can do music videos, Hitfilm Pro 2017 has got all the tools you need, BUT and yes there is always one of them. But one of Hitfilm's least strongest elements, which to be fair keeps getting better and better with each new version, is it's audio features. So use Hitfilm to cut, produce composite vfx additions and grade your video, but you might be better doing sound editing elsewhere. Export the video and work on it in a some professional sound solution. One challenge people do find is working with sound waves and being able to cut on a certain beat, sometimes this can be tricky due to the way Hitfilm displays these, but recently it has got better.

    So not an answer but some advice.


  • ArtographMedia
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    Thanks for the experienced feedback Andy001z. Being a music producer I've got several solutions in my tool kit to overcome challenges working with audio; Sony Vegas (which I've learned interfaces with Hitfilm) being one of them.

    I've been away from video production for a while & see that Hitfilm seems to have matured pretty nicely since I demoed the initial version. Hence the reason I'm curious about results being achieved with Hitfilm & the workflow in terms of music video production specifically. I was in hopes that someone knew of any really creative music video producer/editors that use Hitfilm as their main NLE of choice so that I might take a look at some of their work. It'd be an extra bonus to see a workflow tutorial of course. I loved the simplicity & speed of Sony Vegas workflow, but I'm seeing everywhere that since becoming Magix v14, it's got many problems. I'd rather avoid the stress. Which has me looking more closely @ Hitfilm Pro as a solution.  

    I think I'll do a bit more research before experimenting & starting the clock running on the trial. LoL!  

  • Aladdin4d
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  • Triem23
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    FYI I have had a silky smooth experience on Vegas Pro 14--much smoother than 13.

    Vegas is still my primary editor, with Hitfilm (especially with integration) handling complex animation and VFX work. 

    If you're shooting single camera "filmic" videos, Hitfilm's editing tools are up to it. If you're doing multicam (like live performances), Hitfilm has no tools to assist in multicam. In the second thread Aladdin linked, poor Dawn is slogging through massive multicam. 

    Hitfilm's audio tools improve with each iteration. Hitfilm 2017 adds a full Audio Mixer panel, but Hitfilm currently lacks compressor/limiter and audio normalization. 

    Hitfilm Pro's trial isn't time limited, but is export disabled. Mocha and Boris are disabled in trial mode. 

    Hitfilm 4 Express is free, can give you an overview of Hitfilm's editing workflow, and smart money has Hitfilm Express 2017 releasing in May. Express 2017 should have the Audio Mixer panel of Pro 2017. 

    Note Hitfilm integration in Pro 2017 is only officially supported with Vegas Pro 14. I've uninstalled Pro 13, so I can't test it. Hitfilm Pro does come with a plug in suite that runs inside Vegas. Not certain minimum version of Vegas needed, but that's a possible consideration. 

    Advice: try 4 Express, and if you like that, check out the Pro 2017 demo. If you like THAT assess your needs. If you don't need 3D models, full particle sims, camera projection and heavy chroma key, Express might be all you need. 

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    It's a bit early for HitFilm to have made its way into a lot of editing pipelines to replace existing NLEs, since it's really only been a few months since it got a major NLE update. The latest version is mostly there for single camera craft editing, though it has some major gaps that hold it back from being a full-fledged NLE still. It's getting there though; for smaller projects like music videos it will do fine, IMO.

    For bigger projects, especially if they involve sync sound, HitFilm isn't really all that pleasant (yet). For those I'd stick to Resolve or LightWorks and use HitFilm for visual effects, which it's great for.

  • ArtographMedia
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    Thanks for the excellent insight guys. Great community here!! Guess I'll go ahead & take the leap; no net.  I do have an additional question. Are there any specific video tutorial/series or other resource that you would suggest for a beginner in motion graphics/3D & such. Seems to get the real benefit of using HitFilm one should be skilled in those areas. NLE & DAW; I am.. Motion graphics I am not! LOL! 

  • Triem23
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    For Hitfilm, I'm just going to go ahead and recommend my own tutorial series. 

    Essential Hitfilm:

    Which is very probably the most thorough series on basic Hitfilm operations out there. 

    Otherwise there are a ton of tutorials from FXHOME on their Hitfilm channel and tons of tutorials from many other creators. 

    My Hitfilm University channel maintains playlists of tutorials from other creators. So, my series will show you how to use the tool set, then you can browse the playlists of everyone else's tutorials and see if they cover specific effects or looks that intrigue you. Most other's tutorials are "How to do specific thing," with my channel's goal being to teach the fundamentals so everyone else's tutorials are easier to follow. 

    Hitfilm, Inscape Digital, Hitfilm Sensei, Red Alert!, Shiny Films, Digital Blast and Hitfilm University all update weekly, so those are all good channels to subscribe to. 

  • ArtographMedia
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    Excellent Triem23!! Thanks so much!! 

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    Agreed. I've been viewing @Triem23's tutorials as well, and getting a lot out of them.

    And I'm editing a promo in HitFilm now, shot on an Epic-W. Of course,  had to transcode the slow motion footage shot in 4K raw into ProRes in order to import it, but since Red fixed the ProRes/DNx spanning thing, it's gotten quite a bit easier to sync audio and video, even though the scratch track was too faint for autosyncing.


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