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Im a new film maker! inspiring to be a youtuber and i want to know 1 thing! So im working on a project that i want to really work on and i need help doing one thing! So i am making a H1Z1 in real life short. Where a plane drops down a care package and the actor has to fight to get the sniper and wins the game. There is a inventory in the game where you can grab stuff and put it on your players body and i want to take the in-game inventory and put it in real life to act like he is in his inventory picking something up. I recorded myself in game going into my inventory and picking up a helmet but i want to add the inventory in real life and get rid of the game part i just want to see the inventory and the mouse putting the helmet in game on to his body! Any ideas on how i could do this??? 


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    @NicholasWisniewski. Not being familiar with the inventory graphic you mention, I can only offer a few choices and maybe you can decide if it'll work.  You could mask off the area where the inventory appears and put it over the live footage.  A problem here would be if it is partially see through.  Or, you could recreate the inventory graphic in a photo editor and import as a png with transparency around it and then adjust it's opacity to make it see through a bit.  The issue here will be if there's motion or special charater animation in the inventory.  If there is some way you could post a capture image of the inventory to a cloud service and then post a link to the shared file here, someone might be able to give more information.

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    Here is a video clip of what i want to take from the game and put into real life/ my video! I just want the inventory and the mouse dragging the helmet over to the head. I want to get rid of the game and just keep the inventory! I want to learn this for the future as well! @tddavis thanks for your reply ill try it but it is transparent and i want the mouse moving the helmet

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    Video is  set to private 

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    Easiest way for you to do thins is probably to go hide in a corner so all your character sees is black and then screen cap your inventory. Then composite back over your other footage--probably in ADD mode. 

    Assuming the game's inventory screen is translucent, having any other background at all immediately changes the difficulty of what you want to do up to either "rebuild it yourself from scratch, " or "rotoscope everything." 

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    chriguf Its fixed!


    Triem23 I kinda figured it out im just going to mask it while sitting in a dark corner like you said and see what i can make with it! thanks for the help

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