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I'm trying to follow the force lightning tutorial on youtube  but I'm stuck on the point layer thing. I'm pretty new to this kind of thing and I'm having trouble figuring out the program.


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    Hopefully one of these tutorials will give you some insight into the process:


    Also, here is a playlist of InScapeDigital's videos.  I saw at least two tracking related ones in the first two lines:

  • madmax1999madmax1999 Website User Posts: 4

    I watched the videos but I'm confused on how to apply it to the effect I'm trying to recreate from the video.

  • madmax1999madmax1999 Website User Posts: 4

    I think specifically what I'm struggling with is understanding point layers and doing more than one at once.

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    @madmax1999 Point layers hold data. When you apply tracking data to a Point, you are assigning Position, Scale, and Rotation data to the Point.

    When you parent a layer to the Point, the layer will now follow whatever the Point does, which is move along with the video.

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    @inScapeDigital Thanks I think that makes some more sense. For what I'm trying to make it said you need more than one point but when I try to add another one it replaces the one I made before instead of adding a new one.

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    you can make more than one tracker on one video.

    name it to tracker1, tracker2, tracker3 and assign to point1track, point2track, point3track

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    This is true. To create a second tracker on a video look for the little grey "+" icon next to the "Tracker" group in the layer's Controls Panel. Click that icon to add a second tracker to the layer.

    Tracking 4 points on a single layer for quad warp is a long-used technique.

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    You need to create another New Point (rename them so you can tell them apart) then the second set of tracking data can be applied to it.

    You don't need to create more and more Trackers themselves. If you've used a tracker and applied its data to your Point, then its work is done and you can reuse it to create new data to apply to another point.

    4 Trackers all Applying data to a single New Point = Not going to work.
    1 Tracker Applying different data to several New Points = Will work.

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