NVidia GeForce 8500GT Crashing with Hitfilm Pro 2017

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I know I'm using an unsupported video card, but just wanted to be sure that what I'm seeing is expected.

I'm trying to use HitFilm Pro 2017 with this 8500GT (512MB memory) and many operations cause an OpenGL/NVidia/Hitfilm crash with error 3.

For example, just creating a new plane into a composite shot and adding a fractal noise with type "Fluid" causes it all the times.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this, other than getting a newer video card? I saw that in the past there were similar errors and they were addressed with an update...



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    Hitfilm Pro 2017 / NVidia crash

    Here is the error

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    Those "Similar errors" were from graphics cards that were above minimum specs running out of date drivers.

    Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done with your GPU. If it were possible to run Hitfilm on that GPU that GPU would BE the minimum spec. Upgrading is your only option.

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