A hit movie video to a song of mine

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I wrote a song and created a movie with Hitfilm 2017.
Is not perfect but maybe you can tell me what you think of it.
Since my English is not very good, this text was written in German and translated with the Google translator!
Many greetings from Tyrol in Austria


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    @Rose11 I thought it was a nice mix of virtual sets and live action.  One thing, you lose a few seconds of the opening music and lyrics by the wind howl (Starting at 1 min to 1:20 min)  It quiet down after that and and I think you might to fade out the howl a bit quicker so when the music starts it's about half that level then down to where you have it at 1:23 or so.  Just a suggestion, you know far more than me about what you want to achieve here, and I think it's solid.  It sort of reminded me of Bowie a little especially the way the lead stressed some words.

    @ Rose11 Ich dachte, es war eine schöne Mischung aus virtuellen Sets und Live-Action. Eine Sache, du verlierst ein paar Sekunden von der Eröffnungsmusik und lyrics durch den Wind heulen (beginnend um 1 mun. Bis 1:20 mun.) Es ist still da und ich denke, du könntest das Heulen ein bisschen schneller ausblenden Die Musik beginnt, es ist etwa die Hälfte dieses Levels dann unten, wo man es bei 1:23 oder so hat. Nur ein Vorschlag, du weißt weit mehr als mich darüber, was du hier erreichen willst, und ich denke, es ist solide. Es erinnert mich an Bowie ein wenig, besonders die Art und Weise, wie die Führung einige Worte betonte.

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    That's great! 

    That's a very complex video, and you have fantastic tracking and great camera moves on your virtual set. Lots of hard work there. 

    Love the guy setting his hat on fire. 

    It's a good song, too. 

    Be proud of this. Excellent work. 

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    Thanks a lot for your positive comments!



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    @Rose11 - You captured the "old" American west quite well! Like the song- it's catchy. I actually watched this a couple days ago and it's been in my head since. Hope to see more in the future!!!

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    That's very well done, song is good and video works well. Is that a CGI old West town with the band scaled down into it?

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    Thank you for your praise. The city I bought as a 3d model and the buildings and the salon in Blender changed!