'Unrivaled Compositing' Explosion Layer Order

Afternoon.  Did a search and couldn't find anything but was wondering if someone would be able to fill me in on the FX order for the bit where a man has the explosion behind him on the train tracks in the video for the 'Unrivaled Compositing' section under the Hitfilm 4 page here http://hitfilm.com/pro

By the looks of things most of it looks stock (explosion and dust but I could be wrong) along with some 3D particles thrown in for good measure.

Was any stock duplicated to increase the magnitude of the blast and was any further FX like luminosity added to the stock as well..?  Looking for ways to increase my realism in blowing stuff up (generally I've duplicated the stock footage and changed blend options and opacity etc.

Many thanks for anyone who can assist!




  • Palacono
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    Yes, other Effects were added which you can see in the video on that page when you play it as the various layers are 'swiped' onto the screen.

    Stock footage on its own is rarely going to be enough. It's a base layer.

    Parts from this tutorial are shown in the footage on that page.

  • TheRealJayWalker
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    Awesome, thanks for the link Palacono and the reply! 

    EDIT - Just checked it out and that was just what I needed thanks again!