Copy Mask Size

When I create a mask in the Plane layer, I zoom in to refine the mask shape. I then copy the mask and paste it on the Media layer's Masks. The mask gets copied but it's size is greatly increased.

Plane layer Mask (zoomed in to refine the curved edge then zoomed back out before copying)

Plane layer mask

Copied Mask almost fills the entire frame

Copied Mask

If I do the above steps,  but do not zoom in to refine the mask shape. The pasted Mask in the media layer retains the same size.

How can I zoom in to refine the Mask, but still be able to copy it to a different layer and have the mask stay the same size?


  • Palacono
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    It's possible it's relative to the size of the pane its applied to/came from, so are both the source and destination planes the same size?

  • maf77
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    I'm using the clone stamp tool. Thus I resize the Plane to the general size of the area to clone and then use the Plane Mask to refine the area to clone.

    All the steps that I am using are from a clone stamp tutorial on youtube published by hitfilm creators. The only difference is in the video they do not zoom in to refine the Plane Mask.

  • CowboyBob
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    Never mind. I see that you zoomed back out. Thought that might be the issue..

  • Palacono
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    As I said: The size of the mask is relative to the size of the plane. If you've got a Mask that nearly fills a smaller plane, then when you apply that mask directly to the larger plane it'll look smaller, because it is.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're doing, that's not how the Clone Stamp works. Why are you cutting and pasting shapes from one to the other? Put the Mask plane over the area you want to cut out, set Opacity to 50% so you can see through the the underlying video, draw mask on the mask plane should be done (set it back to 100% after). It's only going to clone data on the video that fits within the shape of the Mask Plane.