Psychic COD The worlds first Multi-platform Comedy Drama
Hi Guys, we are creating a 21 x 30 minute comedy Drama series that sits on a number of Multi-Media Platforms.
Above is a link for EP10 The Hound of the Basket Shop. Were working in extra Supermarionation and some of you might remember our old FPC motion effects.
We start with Pencil and Paper and edit in Crazy Talk and FCP..
We're very excited to see you guys have gotten Hit Film onto Mac Platform.
I'm currently at home learning Poser 10 and have been dabling with DAZ Studio but Hit Film has been on my radar for some time, particularly as I've also been involved in a project about the Great Fire of London (Fire effects required)
I have a question for anyone in the know at Hit Film.. You do a trial version for PC, any chance of that coming to MAC?
I'm running Snow Lepord on a Mac Pro.. is that available?
Anyway it might be a while before i can afford this program and I have people working in Cinema 4D who want be to go the After Effects route..
But I think this package could be great for Psychic COD (
Please check our first episode its free and we want to make it techno Fab
Catch you guys soon look forward to any replies
Jeff Forehead 


  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,055 Staff
    Hey - great to hear that HitFilm has been on your radar for a while. 
    Don't worry about a trial version - that went up as soon as you were able to download HitFilm 2 Ultimate for Mac. If you go onto the website and click on Try it for Free, then type in your email address, you will have the option of downloading the Windows or the Mac installer for HitFilm 2 Ultimate. 
    It acts exactly the same way as Windows - there are no time restrictions on it, and the only limitation is that there is a 30 second export maximum. 
    HitFilm 2 Ultimate will support the last 3 most recent versions of OS X - so Lion, Mountain Lion and Maverick primarily. We don't currently support Snow Leopard, I'm sorry to say. 
    Apart from that, feel free to use and experiment with the demo as you desire. I don't know if you've seen we have a movie wall but if you want to submit anything there once you've tried the software, we'd be happy to consider it. 
    Good luck with your multi-media comedy drama series - it looks ambitious and I look forward to seeing what you do with it. 
  • JeffForeheadJeffForehead Website User Posts: 5
    Hi Kirstie
    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I'll await my Free trial until I'm read to give it a go. But I must say I'm impressed with what I've seen..
    Learning new packages seems an endless task these days so much on the market. This year I had to teach myself Pro Tools, then Crazy Talk (Which is actually fairly easy) and Now Poser 10.
    Thats why finding software companies with great support and communities is so important.
    Yes our project is ambitious, most of the sound for the first three episodes is roughed together and four complete 90 minute episode written.. Getting to make it work from a handful of visual cartoons is a task and a half!
    The import factor for someone like myself with a camera and directing background is making what can often look like video game footage look filmatic.. we also mix live footage so HitFilm might bridge that look..
    Thanks for the info on Platforms. I'll talk to my Mac IT man and see how easy the Maverik update is..
    It is after all a free down load
    Many thanks again
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