Ignore non-image files in Image Sequence Folders

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Hitfilm needs to ignore non-image files in folders containing image sequences. As it stands, hitfilm is unable to inter-operate with other software and file structuring conventions----software that uses image file lists (.ifl), or where project files for other applications (or even hitfilm) are customarily stored within the same folder as the image sequence. The current limitation is unnecessarily restrictive, especially for users with multi-application workflows, and it simply appears to new users that hitfilm is "broken".

Is there a way to keep (3D) point layers visible at all times in the camera view? This is essential to be able to select a desired 3D point by its location in the camera view. They should be visible, but without drag/rotation handles. (It's a productivity killer to have to repeatedly re-select them all, and disastrous when they disappear as soon as you try to adjust something else using them as a reference.)


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    Just so you know I merged your threads, and I'm going to refer you to the dev-moderated Wishlist thread. 


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    Triem23 - I was following the process described in https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/5822/how-to-report-issues#latest

    The issues I described are bug reports that impact hitfilm's usability with camera-tracked scenes,  rather than "wishlist" items. 

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    These are not bugs, as that would imply that the function is not the currently coded behavior.

    You are asking for changes in the currently coded behavior of the software, which IS a wishlist item.

    Example: Hitfilm's official documentation states that the folder for an image sequence should contain nothing but the actual images. Therefore, it is known behavior and how Hitfilm is currently intended to work. It would be a bug if the documentation indicated otherwise.

    Same thing with the points. You're asking for a change in how the properly functioning code works.

    Anyways, I see you've added these items to the wishlist, so, either way you're covered. :-)

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    There are plenty of bugs that are due to code that is missing---a significant fraction of all bugs exist because additional code is required to handle specific situations. And just because something is documented doesn't make it not a bug. While the points issue is slightly wish-ier,  the non-images in folders issue might best be called a severe deficiency (it fails outright, without even the courtesy of an informative error message!). Whatever we call it, it needs to get fixed.

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    I'm with you on that. No error message is a bug with a small 'b' at least.

    Plus once it does work, if you were to then load another image sequence: when you open up the file browser you'll find Hitfilm is inside the one with the first lot of images (How did it get there? You left the browser outside it, as going into the folder is a guaranteed way to get it to not work)  and you need to back out to then go find the other folder (which it will also enter).

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    It's been incredibly annoying working with this limitation. I'm having to make second copies on disk of entire shots due to this. Having worked with essentially every 3D and compositing app on the market over the last decade, this is the only one to have this problem. It needs to be fixed, There's no reason for it not to, it's just lame.

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    Further, I just discovered the hard way that Hitfilm relies on a plain alphabetic sort of the filename, so that zero-padded file names are REQUIRED. So when you get handed a sequence starting with frame 1, say,  the sequence.... winds up out of sequence.  So you not only need a separate copy, but you need to renumber it. Uggh.

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