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Hi all,
1. I accidentally filmed all of my shots in 60 fps, but I want it to look like 30 fps (or even make / convert it to 30 fps) - how can it be done?
 2. On the same project - there are some shots that I would like to apply slow motion with twixtor on them.
(correct me if i'm wrong - as I understand, it is better when the shot is 60 fps if you apply 50% or less in twixtor, looks more smooth. so in that case I would like to keep the 60 fps right?)
... help, I'm confused.


  • NormanPCN
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    Set your timeline to 30fps or 29.97 if that is what it is and place the 60p media on the timeline. Hitfilm will automatically conform the media from native to the timeline framerate. In the case of 60p to 30p Hitfilm will drop every other frame.

    For slow motion. If you have a 30p timeline and your media is 60p then you can get a perfect 1/2 rate slow motion by simply importing that media a second time and setting its playback speed to half rate. If you want slower than 1/2 with 60p media on a 30p timeline, then tools like Twixtor can help the slowmo look smoother.

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