Can't import .avi video files

Daniel_HuntDaniel_Hunt Website User Posts: 7

Windows 10 64 bit

Intel i5, 3.10 ghz

32 gb ram

AVG anti-virus

Nvidia GeForce GT 635


I can't import .avi files even though they're supposed to be supported. Any ideas? :)


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    edited March 2017

    AVI is a container that can contain video and audio encoded with a multitude of different codecs. HitFilm can import but AVI files but you need to also have the correct codec(s) installed for it to be successful.

    For a more in depth explanation of containers vs codecs watch this video starting @ 12:37. Actually watch the whole thing for a good overview of troubleshooting import problems.

    To figure out what codec is needed you can use the free  MediaInfo.  How to use it is covered @ 19:33 in the above video


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    Great, thank you!

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