Re: Avid MC versions; Also: impact on 3X HF Licensing.


It is 3-27-2017 and I just got an email announcing a 4-day Spring Special "Flash Offer". I have questions...

For $199.00 am I getting an upgrade from HFP3 to latest HFP version + Ignite 2017 + Add-On VFX (4)?

If so,

Q: Does the included Ignite 2017 product work with MC v7.0.4 (Win)?

How does Ignite 2017 license  work?

Q: If I use one Ignite 2017 in an Avid system, will I "lose" use one entire HFP license, or just the ability to have that Ignite 2017 available within one of my 3 HFP activated systems?

Thanks for any answer...


  • Triem23
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    I can't answer the question about Ignite working in that particular version of MC. How current is 7.0.4?

    Hitfilm and Ignite can be installed on three machines. Ignite will work with all hosts on a machine. Putting it another way, you can be activated on three machines at once, Win or MAC.

    I believe the Ignite/HF licenses are separate, so you can put Ignite on an AVID machine without affecting a Hitfilm install. 

    Side note. You can manage activations from your profile here. You can deactivate a license on a machine temporarily without uninstalling (basically kicking that machine back to demo mode), so, at worst, you lose a couple minutes every down and then juggling activations. 

  • Hatfarm
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     Thanks, Triem. You're the greatest. (really). I try to send young people to HFP as often as possible, based on my delight with the supportive community here.

    MC v7.0.4 is quite far from the current v8.?? MC, but I do not yet use the latest version MC, so that's why I asked. Probably 2-3 years old at this point, but running on Win 7 Pro.

    So IF Ignite 2017 works on my MC v7.0.4, it may save me some $$ on that kind of VFX pckage I do not currently have.

    I am curious to get a list of the few Ignite 2017 FX that will NOT be available when used in an Avid system, (as stated in the web page I just looked at here)

  • Triem23
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    Go here, scroll down to where you see "154 of 158 compatible with Adobe CC," and click the Avid icon. 

    142 of 158 are compatible with AVID. You can check the list.

  • Hatfarm
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     Got it. Thanks again.

  • Ady
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    @Hatfarm - Avid Media Composer 8 is the only version of Media Composer we actually support.

    There has been no testing of Ignite in the earlier versions, so whilst they may load & may work, we wouldn't be able to offer you any support if you encountered any problems.

    I hope this makes sense, but if anything is unclear please contact support here.


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