Explorting with no sound

So in the editor there is sound. I can hear myself in the video and there's no problem at all. But when I export the sound is gone. \

  • Timeline: Editor
  • Export area: Content Area
  • Length: 00:11:49:00
  • Export video = Checked
  • Export audio = checked
  • Width: 1920
  • Height: 1080
  • Scale mode: Keep aspect Ratio by expanding
  • Frame Rate is 30
  • Aspect ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
  • Profile: Main
  • Level" 4.0
  • Encoding" Variable Bitrate, 1 pass
  • Target Bitrate: 10.000
  • Max Bitrate: 15.000
  • Codec: AAC
  • Bitrate: 512



  • Andy001z
    Andy001z Lord EarthPosts: 3,578 Ambassador

    what are you using as the export wrapper (AVI, MPEG, etc)

  • MP4 ------ UPDATE ------ I managed to fix it. Something in my custom project settings was canceling out the audio. I changed it to the setting - 1080HD 30fps and left it default, Exported it again, then suddenly I had sound. Not sure what setting was doing it as I didn't write down the project settings before changing them. 

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