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If you're a hobby filmmaker creating sets is difficult.

What are the options/advice for creating sets with pros/cons? e.g. I have a scene set in a mystical temple or 'Great Hall'.

1) Real location - Would look good but needs some arranging and agreement. Public places wouldn't be so bad but a temple? Behind the scenes of 'Rebellion' show the effort involved.

2) Physical model - Might be fun but would take some talent. I'm keeping an eye out for model kits but these are often exteriors rather than interiors.

3) 3D Model - Good modellers available (e.g. Blender) but more learning. You could find a 3D model to buy. At the moment I've used Minecraft for mock-ups.

4) 2D Images - I'm OK at drawing but would struggle. Finding images is an option but it would be difficult to get exactly what you want. You'd also have to take into account different angles of shot.

Any thoughts or advice?

(p.s. I had posted this once before but it seems to have disappeared??? Apologies if it appears twice)



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    Well most of those options either include time, skill or money, but the real locations in my opinion offer the quickest and realest look. Although access is always the big issue.

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