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I really wish I could think of a movie that does this. Since I can't I'll try to describe it as best I can.

I'm trying to do this sort of camera pan where the camera starts focused on the subject, then slowly pans to another area in the same room to show the same subject, possibly doing something different. 

In my scene there are two people, one is dead, the other mourning over the death. The camera pans left to show the two sitting in another part of the room before the death happened.

There is no cut, the transition can't be hidden with motion blur. Does anyone have any idea how this is done?


Thanks for help!


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    You do the pan on a tripod at a set speed with them in one location.

    You repeat exactly the same pan but with them at the other location. You blend between the two pans. Motorised panning would guarantee it worked, but practice makes perfect and maybe if you do it several times you'll end up with two shots that blend perfectly together.

    Or if you're shooting it at 4k and are outputting it at 720p, then you could do it as a single wide shot and fake the pan by zooming in and panning across the static frame in post.

    These show two ends of the budget range doing something similar.

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    Palacono beat me by one minute.

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    I can think of greenscreen or masking, but you will need a fancy motion control gear...

    You could also try to run to the next place behind camera, before you finish the pan (hahaha silly scene). May be effective as long as the two characters are not seen at the same time. 

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    People were always doing that in school photos so they'd be at both ends of the photos when we used to have those long slow panoramic photos taken back in the mists of time. As everyone was in the shot, teachers and all, no one could catch them doing it.

    Although one year we did actually have to have it redone as someone gave the headmaster "bunny ears". These days: Photoshop. ;)

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    I was hoping the motorized pan wouldn't come up. That would be easy. The challenge for me is trying to do it on a tripod 

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    If you have a cheap tripod, you could use some WD40 or even vaseline to make the panning less painnnful (... ok, bad joke). As most of the basic "Walmart" tripod don't come with fluid head and stuff. 

    As @Palacono said, practice, practice, practice! The oversize 4k to 720 is a great idea too, be sure to have a wide lens  or be really really far when shooting

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    Shoot with actor on mark A. Complete your camera move. Do not stop camera, but have actor take mark B and film the other half of the scene.

    In Hitfilm you'll need to chop this segment into two sections. The first half, and the bit after the actor takes mark B.

    You'll have to track the camera move, then parent the second clip to the first clip. Probably need a soft-edged mask to blend it.

    Really, this type of move with a moving camera is the entire reason motion control is around. Doing it manually is going to be difficult.

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    i'm willing to cry about it while figuring it out! lol. Thanks for all the suggestions

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