Save edited Video as composite shot


A few days ago i created a little video, including composite shots etc.

Now i thought about using  this Video for a larger on i would like to create. Is there anyway to copy the old project or to create a composite shot of the whole Editor frequenze?


Rppky :)


  • TotopoCraft
    TotopoCraft Posts: 195 Just Starting Out*

    You can create a new project, then go to the "media" tab, then go to "import composite shot". 

    Instead of a composite shot, you select your project. A window will appear asking you which media you wish to import. So... it's a project import into another project.

    Of course, if you want to use just some clips, and you have already made composite shots in the older project, open that older project, go to media panel, and right-clic the desired composite shot and "Save as..." to create a composite shot file (.hfcs).

    Then you repeat the process in the new project of importing just that comp