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Just looking for opinions and any advice. As a hobby-level filmmaker ideas are sometimes hampered by locations. As an example I need a temple or 'great hall' for a very short film ( < 2 mins) Here are the options and issues...

1) Real location. Might be difficult to find, agreements to film etc etc. The 'Behind the Scenes' video for Rebellion showed how much effort goes into this. Obviously shooting in a forest, park etc is not so bad but if you want something specific it can be very hard. Even if you're into Guerilla filming it's hard to get in and out of a temple in time. :-)

2) Real Model and green-screen. This can be fun but takes a lot of effort, time and a fair bit of talent. It does allow you to make exactly what you want and then record at any angle but it's best to replace any close-ups with something else. I'm going to keep an eye out for model kits but these are often vehicles or building exteriors rather than interiors.

3) 3D model and green-screen. A really good option especially as there are some affordable 3D modellers out there (e.g. Blender) but, again, creating realistic 3D models takes some investment and talent. As a stop gap I've been looking at  Minecraft to build sets for testing purposes. It works pretty well, can be recorded (with some adjustments) from any angle and is quite quirky. Again, I am keeping an eye out for 3D building interiors which fit the bill (and are not too pricey).

4) 2D Images. You might find a background on the web but it's luck if you find exactly what you're looking for and at the right angle. You could draw something yourself. I'm OK at drawing but I'd struggle and, of course, you'd need multiple views.

Any thoughts? Have I missed something? Got any of your own tips to share?


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    I actually was/is in the same boat as you. Sets, locations, models etc.....what to do? At the end of the day, I was inclined to go with 3D models and green screen. And again like you......I didn't really have time to get creative with 3D rendering programs (for now anyway) I perused sites such as

    I found an endless supply of models (and in the case of the project I was working on).....a couple of interiors......for free......and have achieved some spectacular results. Take a look there if you haven't already. I'm having a great time :)

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    If you're working in Hitfilm Pro (3, 4, 2017) look up the camera projection tutorials on the Hitfilm YouTube channel. Projection is a method of creating 3D positioning from 2D images and is another approach to virtual sets. 

    This (incomplete) test shot shows what you can do with projection. The hallway is a still photo using a projector rig. You'll see that there's a fair amount of camera movement, looking up and down, traveling left, right and forward along the hallway. Might be a way to slightly "reframe" a still image that's close but not quite what you want. 

    Otherwise you've pretty well listed viable options. 

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    @Triem23 You didn't include the test shot you mentioned.

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    @Triem23  Wow!  I can't believe that you did all that with a still photo!  That's incredible.

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    @triem23 ... blimey. That is amazingly good.

    @WedgeOZ thanks for the link. I'll have a hunt.

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    Awesome! Thanks Triem for those YouTube tutorials!

    Dang! My imagination is taking me places

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