Achiecving .MXF?

Why is it that HitFilm can only export to MP4 and AVI? That is ridiculous? 
How else can I get my project into MXF? 

Also why only AAC audio? HitFilm has almost no options for exporting? :/ 

I'm here trying to upload a commercial to TV but I can't match their requirements. 


  • Triem23
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    Well, for one thing, MXF is a licensed format that would increase the cost of the Hitfilm software (and be unavailable in Express).

    (Pretend I had a long discussion here on other issues with MXF including the fact that there's a standards drift and MXF files files from Sony XDCAM and incompatible with MXF files from Panasonic P2 cameras. MXF is another dying format. Frankly I'm surprised that your station needs an MXF file as a final output. Then again, one of the stations I used to work for wanted WMV while the others wanted MP4.)

    So, you'll have to use other software to transcode.

    Here's a free online tool:

    Otherwise FFMPEG can transcode to MXF. That's free, cross-platform and powerful, but FFMPEG also doesn't have the friendliest interface.

    Here's where I tag @Aladdin4d @Stargazer54 and @NormanPCN . One of whom likely knows the exact modules and instructions for using FFMPEG to transcode to MXF.

    Cuz I'd just used Vegas Pro--but I've owned that for a long time...

  • Aladdin4d
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    MXF is a container so what are the rest of the requirements?

  • NormanPCN
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    Hitfilm does import XDCAM MXF files so any royalties, if any, for using the MXF container are covered.

    "How else can I get my project into MXF? "

    As Aladdin4d stated. MXF is a generic container.

    The question is MXF What? Exactly. Close only counts in Horseshoes.

    Hitfilm does have limited export formats, likely due to costs, so when you have a requirement for some specific format you need to use an external encoder. From Hitfilm export an image sequence and audio or in 2017 Export a Cineform intermediate. Use that result with the external encoder to get your specific requirement.

  • Triem23
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    @NormanPCN @Aladdin4d aren't the  common codecs used in MXF h.264 and Mpeg-2?

    I know MXF can hold both, along with ProRes, DNxHD and CinemaDNG. 


  • Aladdin4d
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    @Triem23 Yep along with various flavors of DV from the SD days like Sony's DVCAM (XDCAM) and Panny's DVCPRO P2, Jpeg 2000 and Broadcast Waves