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Hi i have finished my rendering and have a rough copy of my video which is unedited i was wondering if i could get some feed back on it 


Also if you are able to sent it to any one else a greater spectrum of people would have massively 




  • Andy001z
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    @TD_100 brave puting a rough version, which it is, no sound however, it is edited and animated and I think graded, although that might be an issue. This short animation is going to need to have some solid sounds to pull it together. The story is ok, I get the plot point and the cow comic timing could work. Maybe as the farmer is walking towards the ship and shielding his eyes you could have more glow on him to show it is bright.

  • Palacono
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    Sorry, what happened between 25 seconds and 26 seconds? Do we assume the farmer was abducted in a scene we didn't see? The last remaining 11 seconds of the cow watching the ship seems like a disproportionate amount of time (more than 1/4 of the clip) to show that cows aren't much interested in anything but grass. :)

  • Andy001z
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    Come on @Palacono you know that cows are grass obsessed. No alien ship is going to distract this cow from her chewing.

  • Triem23
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    Andy and Palacono have identified the two issues with the short. A little more time on the farmer being abducted (or, kill him?), a little less time on the cow not caring.

    Oh, if it's possible to have the camera follow the cow's head back down when it returns to eating grass, that might be a good move. Keeps us on the apathetic cow and it pulls us off the sky, leading into your closing credits that I assume will be added.

    Otherwise, it tells the story and I do like the expression on the farmer's face when he saw the saucer.

  • TD_100
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    Thanks for all the advice the part i havent done yet is the credits where you will see the alien and farmer arm in arm at different world wonders they will be in the form of poliroid images that will land on a table. I am currently changing the time and will upload another copy when i am done

  • I've noticed that as the farmer is walking to the spaceship, there are a couple black spots appearing by his waist,