Super speed

Let's suppose I want to make a video where i am running really fast. How do I create an echo/blur effect coming from behind me? 

I tried duplicating the video and changing the blend to add/screen, but the lights in the video just brighten up.


  • TotopoCraft
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    You can try with a composite shot and:

    1. Greenscreen yourself running, and key layer

    2. Duplicate your keyed footage, blur the bottom layer, change the position so it is "behind" the running you.

    3. Add a background video, or animate a wide image to move side to side to simulate movement (activate motion blur).

    If you don't use a greenscreen, you could try this:

    1. Duplicate your footage

    2. Blur the top layer, and set the blend mode to "normal", then reduce the oppacity

    3. Draw a freehand mask in the top layer that covers the trayectory of the "echo"behind you, and keep few points near the "non-blurred" you.

    4. Keyframe the path shape and move the points so the mask is animatted too.

    Just a couple ideas, it seems that the official HitFilm Youtube channel is going to upload a tutorial on how to do the flash effect.

  • Triem23
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    Take a look at the Echo effect in the Temporal group. How well this works will depend on if your camera is static or moving. 

    Otherwise, Emecorp has a good group of tips.