Can't hear audio (Resolved)

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Just upgraded to the hitfilmpro 2017. I see I have audio and it shows up, but I can't hear anything through my headphones. Mute is off, meters are bouncing up and down with green but I can't seem to hear anything. Help!


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    Did u check your sound card's sound controls? Can u hear anything if u unplug your headphones? 

    If the meters are bouncing then it might be an issue with your computer settings or the sound card.  May also need to double check drivers.

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    Do you have volume control on your headphones?

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    Forgot to mention the project was converted from hitfilm 3 to hitfilm2017- conversion problem?

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    Shouldn't have anything to do with pulling an HF3 project into HF 2017. I've been pulling projects from old versions without issue. If your meters are bouncing in the Project, Hitfilm sees the audio. The oddness is happening somewhere between Hitfilm and your headphones. 

    Question: you hear audio if you play back a source clip in a media player? If so, have you tried rendering out a short clip from Hitfilm and playing that in the media player? 

    Or even a test render of a short clip (of the transferred project) from Hitfilm, upload to YouTube and check on another computer, phone, tablet? Again, if a short clip of the project on YouTube plays with audio on another machine it at least establishes Hitfilm is importing and rendering audio. That narrows the issue down to a sound card issue or, less likely, a strange Hitfilm glitch where the software isn't talking to the sound card. 

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    I started a new .hfp and imported the audio/video directly into the 2017 and can hear everything. However the .hfp that contains the same audio/video that was convered to the 2017 does not play audio. Guess it was some kind of glich with the conversion as the brand new 2017 .hfp with the same audio/video works.....

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    RESOLVED.... There is a little white line above the MASTER track and the AUDIO 1  track. If that little white line is pulled down below the MASTER track, nothing plays. What's that about?

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    @BobDog that white line is controlling your audio levels for that track.

    Check out this tutorial at around 15:50.

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