Editing sections of the composite shot selected in editing timeline.


I'll try to explain my conundrum as best I can.  I set up a fairly good edit in my editor timeline made from composite shots.  I like the flow of things.  However, I am realizing that I need to enter text that lines up with the voice over ( like subtitles).  I now have to go back in and basically re-edit the entire thing because I can't just overlay text into the editor timeline and some of the text remains on screen during cuts.  And because the composite shots are full length in the composite shot timeline and truncated in the editing timeline, I am finding it difficult to match the edit that I have already done.  I was wondering if there was a way to select and edit just the part of the composite shot that is on the editing timeline. Or any other way to make this transition from editing on the editing timeline to re-editing on the composition timeline any easier.  

Thanks for any advice.


  • Andy001z
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    Hmmm, I think what you need to do is add a new track to the editor, call this one Subtitles. Then make a new Comp for the text to sit in. You can have multiple or just one big one. Use should not need to blend that layer as long as it just has a text layer in it. Your problem which I think is your main issue is getting all the subtitles to line up with the speech. If you have a script this should not be too bad, otherwise it is going to be a case of making a compshot for each subtitle needed. Then you can just match them up as best you can.

    Someone might have a better idea but that's how I would start.

  • That worked.  I didn't realize that the transparency of the text composites transferred to the editor timeline.  That solves that part of the issue.  Thank you much.