Rotating viewport?

I'm just about to use Hitfilm4 Express to edit a project for a museum display that will run in Portrait mode (talking paintings a la Harry Potter). The footage has been shot in portrait aspect, so I'm wondering if it is possible to rotate any of the viewports in HitFilm whilst working?

I haven't downloaded or tried the software yet, but I thought I'd sound people out before I mount my preview monitor at 90 degrees.

Thanks in advance.


  • Triem23
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    Your limitation is Express has a maximum resolution of 1080. You can make a portrait project. I don't know if the interface rotates. If your monitor is 1440p or higher you could probably have a near 100% preview in Landscape. 

    Pro supports higher resolutions, but don't know about the interface in portrait. 

    @CedricBonnier ?   

  • treganna
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    Thanks, Triem. I'll just have to download and fiddle, and possibly suffer neck strain! The final result will be two portraits hung on a wall talking to each other. The footage is in 4K, but the final output is expected to be 1080 max.

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    This sounds like a very specific use case which I don't think is supported. You want to create a 1080p video (so horizontal) but show it vertically in the viewer?

    Maybe you could connect a screen, set it to portrait and then put the viewer panel that you floated onto that screen? If you were using 2017 I would suggest using the full screen preview but to have it in Express you'll have to wait a bit.

    EDIT: well, it looks like you could make it work with another screen (here is in HitFilm Pro 2017)

  • treganna
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    Thanks, Cedric. Sorry, but I can't see your image for some reason. Yes, it is a VERY specific case I'm working on. I'll be doubtless bashing the forum for help as I go along next week. The video has been shot, and is ready to be edited. I'll be wanting to use a few effects on the video as well. Animated subtitles need to appear in Welsh, and both videos need to look like paintings.

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