TOP 50+ Planets in Sci-fi Movies

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About a month ago I purchased a course for Blender on creating awesome VFX space scenes. It's been a bit of a learning curve but really fun.

I'm always on the look out for well done space VFX shots so I thought I'd share this here for reference for anybody who is into these scenes like I am.


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    @GrayMotion What course was it and what was your thoughts on the course material and training provided. Ta.

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    @Andy001z The course is called Space VFX Elements

    For a non-blender ole man like myself I think the course it pretty decent. Since it cover both procedural and image based workflows it was right up my ally. I'm only a couple projects into it but so far I've learnt a ton. (Once I figured out Blender commands that is.)

    It's geared for beginners so that was a plus for me as well.

    With the course they also provide the blend files so that you can dissect them. 

    One of the instructors - Gleb-  is a bit hard to understand at times but that's just my ears :-)

    They also have some of the tuts from the package on their Youtube channel if you want to take a look at the training..

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