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For those who haven't seen it yet, I've recently uploaded a short film with over 70 different teleportation and matter transmission effects, all done in HitFilm, with a little help from Red Giant's Universe plug-ins.

I'm wondering if there is anyone interested in me doing a few tutorials on how I achieved these effects.


  • Triem23
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    Stephen you may as well pop in the "Blake's 7" tutorial you've already done in this thread. I didn't recognize your forum handle, so the very video you've just posted is my clipboard buffer, ready to paste in to inspire the user I thought wasn't you. 

    Give this a watch, people. Lotta inspiration here for different teleport effects from classic TV/movie recreations to whatever Stephen came up with. 

  • Aladdin4d
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    Oh wow an update! I'll have to update my bookmark because your work is something I keep on hand for the same reasons Triem23 does. It's a great a resource of possibilities!

  • StephansBilderwelt
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    I am not sure if it is healthy to teleport more then twice a day.....

    Well done!

  • chriguf
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    the rollator, the cheat sheet and his painted portrait  in background are awesomness, he is a legend


  • Spoc36
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    edited March 2017

    I had that portrait made back in 1988, when I still had colour in my hair.

    As for teleporting more than twice a day, I didn't know that. It goes a long way to explain my state of mind these days: scattered all over the place.

    Finally, here is my Blake's 7 tutorial: 

  • maui9
    maui9 Website User Posts: 84

    some really good stuff here. The one where you turn into pieces i have been trying to make that one, but if def does not look as good as yours 

  • Yeremyah
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    That's awesome @Spoc36 I didn't realise all that was possible with HitFilm, looks great :)

  • Spoc36
    Spoc36 Website User Posts: 9

    maui9, which one where  I turn into pieces do you mean? The one at the end? If you give me the time code at which it happens, I'll be happy to create a quick tutorial about it.

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