Adding images to footage and then making them track

Sorry if this is long winded but I don't know the terminology for this. I have a person running across the screen in a piece of footage and I want to overlay a picture of someone else's head over them, can I make it track them as they move across the screen?


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    First, make a composite shot. 

    Create a new point layer, and add the footage to a layer, and clic the arrow to show more options, hit the "+" button next to tracker, and a two squares appear. 

    The red one is the feature you want to track, the green one is the area where HitFilm is goint to look for that feature. Be sure to include feature with high contrast in the red area, and good amount of background in the green area so you can catch the feature even with lots of movement. However, the bigger the area, more CPU is needed. 

    Once tracking is done, apply the data to the point you created earlier. 

    Then, add the picture you want to overlay, above the footage layer. Parent it with the point, and that layer will follow the tracked point animation. 

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    You can't track a composite shot though, which is occasionally very annoying. :(

  • thanks guys I'll try that out. much appreciated.