Music Video Effect

What I was thinking of doing for my friends techno music was a effect where you have equalizer bars going both up and down and for the lyrics they separate to make the bars like they are lip stick on the mouth.  Now I just have to find a way to do it.  Any ideas


  • MjlnerVFX
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    There are several ways you could do this in Blender. Its called audio visualizer. I know at least 2 ways of doing it. The first is to do it with phyton scipt, if you dont know phyton scripting then its not proabilly for you since it take some time to learn. With phyton scipting you can do a lot of neat stuff within audio visualisation. 
    If you dont know phyton scripting you can do it the leazy way. You can make a long plane with 5 faces, or more ofc (1 face for each audio bar, make 1 bar and set the object > "duplitype" to face or vert, then add a displacement effect on the plane, and bake the audio you want to f-curve. Because when the audio displace the plane, the bars will also move, since its set to dupli-type. If your new to blender this can be hard.
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    Tooshka training has a tutorial on creating led bars in Hitfilm on the community tutorial page. For the mouth... I would shoot footage, either a dark skinned person with very light lipstick or a very pale person with dark lipstick. Use levels gamma and threshold or something to try to get a high contrast image to use as a mask. This footage could be tracked to align motion as well.