Mocha composite shot back into Hitfilm - BLUE SCREEN

Hi - I've hit a brick wall. And all tutorials that I have found seem to be out of date at exactly this point in my workflow, I am new to Hitfilm (think it is great so far) but I am stuck. When I import the Mocha composite shot back into hitfilm, the result is a Blue image (presumably some plane) and I just get stuck here. When I watch the videos about this they never show a blue screen as the result of importing. I think it has confused me totally re the process. I'm sure it is something simple I am not fully understanding but right now I can't find a solution after several hours looking at it. 


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    The blue plane is a placeholder for one of your surfaces. Just drop your original video under the solve, and mute the plane. 

    Or, copy/paste the data back into your original comp. 

  • Thank you for fast reply, iIf I understand correctly, this plane is totally irrelevant, so it can be deleted and then I have to drag the original clip on top? 

    The confusion is, on all the videos it gives the impression that you are importing the clip back in as well, with the tracking information "attached" in some way to the clip? i.e. you are no longer using the original clip.  It is just "there". I am still not 100% sure how this all works, I was using the inbuilt Hitfilm tracking before, so I would associate any 3D object to tracked source  material that had been tracked. Now I am confused as surely if I drag the original media on top of all that Mocha layers how is that original clip now linked to all that  tracking data? Unfortunately the method seems now not straight forward / unlike everything else in Hitfilm which is... may be it is my brain but suddenly the beautiful smooth work flow of hitfilm is lost..! It seemed much simpler in the older versions from the videos I saw... ?

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    Well. Mocha isn't FXHOME software. It's interface is, yes, very different. 

    Ok, so track data really has little to do with actual video file. Hitfilm stores tracker data in the clip layer, but that's a matter of convenience. 

    The mocha camera solve is applied directly to the Hitfilm camera. In this case the background layer just happens to be the original video plate. 

    Now, in earlier versions of Hitfilm, importing the mocha data reimported the video media. Now, if I did a shot where I used mocha for a camera solve, screen replacement and roto, I would have four copies of the same media in the Media Panel... The new version doesn't do that. Just copy the mocha points and camera into your original shot, or put the video in with the imported mocha data. 

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    Mocha is importing a camera, so it doesn't give two hoots about what else in the composite shot; so do as Triem23 said: drag in your video, mute the blue plane and the camera will be correctly applied over your video.

  • I will battle on - I know it is me, I think I got too stuck into the Hitfilm Pro native tracking way of doing things and I can't quite figure this out (yet). So, say I have a 3D object, do I link that to the imported Camera Layer from Mocha now and not the original Media clip? 

  • BTW - copy to clipboard at export (if I understood correctly) does not seem to copy anything that I can paste into hitfilm. 

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    Mocha copy to clipboard works only with After Effects, and not any other host. You have to export the Composite Shot for solves, Apply for roto. 

  • I've done everything as per the videos - it is just not working as expected. And I have tried to cross reference several videos (as all are out of date). Just can't seem to make this work. Pity they changed it as it looked so simple. I can't seem to link the track data. I'm not even doing anything complex, just applying a fire effect for testing on the original footage and it is not tracking. I'm following this video: here he makes it seem so simple, I have a disconnect, I can't link the Mocha track / camera to an effect or the footage etc. Very frustrating as I am sure it is something really simple. If you can't copy and paste - what was the idea of the copy and paste? I obviously did not understand that? 

  • Okay - now I got it. I know what the final bit of the confusion was. If you trim the footage you want to use in Mocha (as per the above video), then import everything back in, get rid of your blue plane. Then / now due to the software change, you drag your original footage from the trimmer into the time line, if it has different in / out points (due to changing that in Mocha) then obviously nothing aligns. Mine was just out by a few frames. This is what was confusing me on the final stage of this. I'm sure there is a way around this - I've not quite figured that out. The original way, as per video this would not have happened (presumably) because the media was already somehow 100% linked to the camera. 

  • Thank you for everyones - help (I know you are probably all rolling your eyes!)