Quickest way back to Editor tab when done working with a composite shot?

THX1139 Posts: 545 Just Starting Out

I have a lot of composite clips in my project and each time I'm done working on one of them, I have to click the left arrow next to all the composite shot names until I come to the 'Editor' tab. What's the quickest way back to the Editor tab? Thanks!


  • Palacono
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    As there is no shortcut key to get back to the Editor, close all the Composite Tabs that you are no longer working on. 

    There is no need to have them strung out along the top of the timeline, as you can open any one of them again by selecting it from the Media bin.

    I only keep 3 or 4 open at a time so the Editor Tab is always right there. ;)

  • THX1139
    THX1139 Posts: 545 Just Starting Out

    Oh right, I thought if I closed that tab, I deleted it from the timeline! Thanks!