Blog Post: HitFilm Pro 2017 Update #3

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Update #3 brings some major changes to HitFilm Pro 2017's audio handling abilities among other things. Read more...

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    First blog from the new guy! (Welcome again, Oli!)

    Just been poking around in the update, and the new logarithmic waveforms are a lot easier to read--especially in RMS Amplitude. Waves in a Composite Shot is a long asked for feature that will make a lot of users happy.

    If you guys haven't spotted it yet, that's a new toggle in the Layer Properties for an audio layer.

    In fact, I've just recorded a quick addenda for my Hitfilm University tutorials on these features. I'd like to thank FXHOME for making my damn tutorials obsolete two weeks after I make them! Not really a complaint. Who's really going to complain about improvements!

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    @OliTompson Just wanted to say a big thank you to the staff for improving the audio waveform display!  Much easier to see now.

    And having the option to see the waveform in a composite shot will solve a lot of problems.  Many times I wish I would have had that as an option.


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    Hi. What was the version number for update 3?

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    Totally agree on the waveform update. And thanks for making it so 24-48 waves work, rather than just 16-144s. Big help. Huge. I updated just before doing our Black Hole Sun vid, and it was awesomely helpful to be able to use the higher quality .wav.  We render so the sound file gets the most space, the visual elements losing quality when YouTube mangles it, but, for hubs, the sound is most important, screw the visuals. :D  (Hey, he's picky about his audio, y'know, so everything takes the scraps left over. :D