How do I create the UI effects from Star Wars?

a) I'm talking about the kind of UIs like the targeting computers, and UIs like these in Hitfilm 4 Express:


b) I also want to know how to make the Death Star Plans animation, the one where it's made of dots.

No photoshop or paid applications required please,

I have Hitfilm, Blender and Autodesk Matchmover. Let me know what I have to do to create these effects.



  • And fair warning, I don't know anything about Blender animation.

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    So a video tutorial would be much appreciated. For the Blender parts.

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    Well, for the 3D animations (like the Death Star "dots") I can't help you. That will be Blender work, but I'm not really blender literate.

    MOST of it--all the line maps, all the stuff with the circles and angles, etc can be done directly in Hitfilm. Look up on Youtube tutorials for the masking tools, because that's the tool you need to draw and cut out shapes and outlines on planes. Straight lines can be quickly created using the lightning tool.

  • As for putting it on a screen and making  it usable like the movie?

    And how will Masking tools play into this?

  • Also what's the lightning tool?

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    Yeah, and at this point I'm going to send you to my tutorials channel:

    I've not done masking tutorials yet, but Hitfilm has, Hitfilm Sensei has and Shiny Films has. I have playlists on my page of all their tutorials 9as well as other creators), so you can look up their masking tutorials there. Basically, since masking allows you to draw (and subtract) shapes on layers, that's where you're going to DRAW all your maps since you don't have photoshop.

    AGARTSCO and Tooshka Training both did tutorials on creating elements similar to those Star Wars screens--and I have playlists of their tutorials as well.

    The lightning effect can be found by searching in the Effects panel for the lightning effect. Turning down certain lightning controls gives you a straight line - again, Hitfilm and other tutorial creators have done tutorials on lightning, which can be found in the playlists on my page.

    As far as putting it on a screen! Hey, that's screen replacement. Hitfilm, Hitfilm Sensei and Shiny Films have also all done tutorials on that. And all of those tutorials are already in those playlists.