Transfer object coordinates to other objects

Can I replace a 3D object in Hitfilm 2017 with another one and transfer the coordinates of the old object to the new one?

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    Three ways of doing this. 

    First, you can try right-clicking the model in the Media Panel and selecting "Relink," then select the new model. You'll probably have to edit the Materials of the newly imported model. 

    Second, import the new model, drag it into your Composite Shot and copy/paste the keys from the original model to the new model. Delete original model. 

    Third, well you actually parented your model to a 3D point and animated the point, right? Cuz that's the smarter way to animate. Import new model, parent to point, set position, orientation and rotation to 0,0,0 and delete the original model. 

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  • Rose11
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    Yesterday I tried the suggested steps. There is no menu item "RELINK" when right clicking on my 3d object in Media Pane!