Strong PC for editing in HitFilm 2017?

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Hey guys! So I thought I had a decent computer for editing. Turns out it is complete garbage. I am here to ask what specs I should go with for my next PC. If you've read some of my previous posts you will know that I got this new job, so it is necessary for me to have a good PC. This one lags as soon as the project gets going with insanely slow loading times. 

My current specs are:
GPU: GeForce GTX 770
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
Memory: 16.00 GB RAM (15.94 GB usable)
Driver version: 376.53
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Main hard drive HitFilm is installed on: 111 GB
External hard drive for video-files: 2 TB ADATA 

I desperately need your help

- Mattias


  • Amorson
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    If you can see anything good about the spec. But that my PC just needs upgrades on certain parts, please let me know...

  • These specs looks fine to me though. I work with a 2013 computer with the only big compared to yours the better graphics card in your computer.

    For me Hitfilm runs slower when adding more effects or working in 3D , but it is still doable. Looking forward to see some more feedback on this topic, because I have more or less the same situation.

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    Thanks for the comment Martin.

    Right now I am looking at:
    * Intel Core i7-6700K Quad Core Processor 4.0GHz
    * NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
    * 500GB Solid State Drive (Windows 10 Installed)
    * 500GB Solid State Drive (For Video Editing Media Catch Files)
    * 4TB 5900rpm Solid State Hybrid Disk Drive (For the actual video files)
    * Corsair Hydro H60 CPU Cooler
    And a * Corsair Carbide 300R Midi Tower just in case ;) 

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    You're good to go with the i7 and the GTX 1080 (you didn't mention how much ram).

    SSD will be nice for the OS for sure.  But I kind of question the Hybrid drive.  If you are planning to archive projects that's fine, but if you plan on pulling off video during editing, then 5900 rpm is pretty slow and I can't imagine cache will help a whole lot with a sequential video stream.  Unless you are continually scrubbing back and forth across a few seconds of a video file. 

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    Like Stargazer said, that's a good build, but get a 7200rpm HDD. OR (my recommendation) use the HDD as a library drive for stock music, backgrounds, stills, etc, but copy all elements for a project to the project folder on the edit drive. Hitfilm doesn't have an automated archive tool (where all media for a project is automatically copied to a single folder for backup), so it's better to just do that yourself as you go. Then, if you have to access an old project you've moved to a backup external drive in two years (you will), you won't have to search for media.

    Aim for at least 32 GB of RAM if not 64. If nothing else that gives you tons of RAM preview. 

    Btw the current system isn't "crap." It's three generations old, but it's still a higher spec system than many current users. By current standards its middling. 

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    Oh sorry, I will be going for 64 GB of RAM. 

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    I got my specs now :)