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I made timelapse from last night, here is result:

I used those BBC templates first time bit more and those look to work pretty nicely.


  • Andy001z
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    Nice where is the night sky. It looks to me as if there is a fiar bit of light pollution with the blueness of the sky, but that could just be the camera. I did some star photos in the Swiss Alps last year and was amazed at what you could capture, if anything too much sometimes.

  • Yeremyah
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    How did you create that intro in Hitfilm?

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    @Shooter99 Pretty awesome!  But your slate at the end says 06-07.03.2016.  Which I am taking to mean that your shot was from the night of March 6th through midnight to the 7th in 2016.  Is 2016 a typo?

    Also, were you on a slider?  I assume, so since the trees are moving to the left.   Also it looks like you were pointed North towards Polaris.

    Thanks for the info on the timelapse exposure times.  I need to give this a try myself.

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    Andy001z Yeah, that is huge problem with most of cities around of world.
    Yeremyah Basically this is my dslr created and edited with HitFilm but you can easily import image sequences to HitFilm what creates video for those to you, depending your composition fps.
    Stargazer54 That i pure TYPO with multiple ways, it was 06.03.2017 22pm to 07.03.2017 05:30am.
    And no, it was solid tripod where my dslr was standing.
    Your welcome. :)

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    Very nice work. 

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    Nice. What was your lens and ISO settings?

    I've found through studies and using programs light Starry Landscape Stacker that you can really clean up the noise and get a darker sky.

    One trick I noticed that works is to setup your camera (lens/ISO) and then take a shot with the lens cap on. You can then use that black slide and meld it into all "stacks".  If you don't have any moving items in the shot you can also choke the ISO down and get the fore scape shot and meld that in on the top stack.......but I'm still practicing :-)

    Great stuff @Shooter99

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    GrayMotion I had Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG ISO i think i had 3200.
    Pretty standard value what i use.

    That noice remoing is easy when you take each pictures but i really don't have memory card to take 2700 frames cause my 2 x 32gb memory cards can store only 800 pictures.

    And yeah, when i took pictures i took only Raw, no other options on there. :)

    Here is picture what i have took exact same spot with just one single hour exposure with ISO400. :) i have another video planed just need to get clear sky... :)https://www.facebook.com/MSPh0t0Art/photos/a.1669863309899653.1073741842.1643535009199150/1807238186162164/?type=3&theater

    Thank you very much.


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