Annoying Orange Effect in HitFilm 4 Express?

Hey, I want to make a parody of the YouTube channel, Annoying Orange, but I can't seem to pull off the same "talking object" effect. Does anybody know how to correctly do this effect? Any help would be appreciated! 




  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,507 Ambassador

    So, Annoying Orange is, of course, actual video of the actor's eyes and mouth slapped over an orange. 

    Chances are the actor's face is painted green before recording to use a chroma key to isolate the eyes and mouth (or a chroma green hood with cutouts for eyes and mouth). Otherwise you're looking at hand-masking. 

    After that, you need three copies of each bit of footage, masked to be just one eye or the mouth, so they can be placed correctly on the orange.