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If I use 3D models, they are never really in the same 3D space. The don't touch or cross.
I added some Pictures as example: Int he first one, the house stands on the plane. In the second I moved the house a little bit downwards. BUT the house doesn't cross the plane layer, it is above at all time.
In the third Picture, I put the Plane layer above the 3D model Layer. But they still don't touch, now the plane is in the foreground at all time.
I want them to be in the same 3D space! If I want to create a Scene with 2 3D models crashing together, they will actually never touch? Same goes for the 3D effects. The stormy cloud is never actually in the same 3D space as the model. I will never be able to let the model fly through the cloud, because either the model or the cloud is in the foreground, but they are never touching. 
I already viewed the help, and it says that I'll have to put everything in the same layer. But how do I put a Plane in the same layer as an imported 3D object?
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    At the moment you can't put a plane into the same layer as a 3D model, only other 3D models. So as a workaround, you could use an actual 3D model of a plane for that - but then again, you cant use it as a deflector anymore. This works as designed, but will hopefully be changed in future versions, so we have one 3D space for all 3D objects.
    Keep in mind though that all "Hitfilm-native" 3D objects like planes, lights, particle effects etc. actually can be in the same 3D space.
  • Hm okay
    I will have to create a 3D model of a plane.
    Hopefully that will be changed.
    Thank you for that really fast reply :D  HitFilm has got one of the best communities.
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    No problem ;)  Not much to do at work right now  :D