Sony Vegas slow down

Hi there,
i´m using Sony Vegas Pro 12 (Suite) in combination with DSLR-Files, which are .movs.
When i drop a Videofile in my Vegas-timeline and export it from there to hitfilm Ultimate V2, doing some Motiontrackings, Flares, and so on, the result in vegas is extremely slow, the framerate goes very much down.
Has anyone similar problems? Has anyone a solution?
Here´s my Computer :
CPU : I7 920, 2.67Ghz, running at 3.4 Ghz
Ram : 12,0 GB
OS : Win7 Ultimate (64bit)/SP1
Graphiccard : Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
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  • Robin
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    Generally the playback in Vegas should be at the same performance as it is in HitFilm, because for embedded HitFilm project HitFilm is rendering in the background. If you want to speed that up, render the clips out of HitFilm and import them in Vegas. I'm not sure but it could also be that Vegas can create proxies for the clips, can't try that right now.
  • Flohre
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    Hi Robin,
    thank you for your quick reply :-)
    The playback Performance in Hitfilm is much better than it is in Sony vegas...Even when i create Proxy-Files in Sony Vegas.
    Perhaps rendering would be the best solution. But then it would be more difficult to edit the files.
    At the moment i´m experimenting with a converted mov (converted from mov to mpg2), as i thought, the H264 Codec could be the problem...But it seems, that this is not the case...
    Puuuuh !!!
  • Triem23
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    Vegas does tend to slow down when working with any kind of nested project, whether using a veg file as a media clip or a Hitfilm project. You should be able to get Vegas to render a proxy file, but I am away from my comp right now and can't check. Look in the folder where your Hitfilm project is for a file named .spaf0.That should be the proxy. Also note: Vegas only uses proxy files for Draft and Preview modes. Good and Best attempt to render the full version--and, since at that point Vegas is performing system calls to Hitfilm, yeah, it slows down.
  • Flohre
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    Hi Triem23,
    thank you for your Tip 8-|
    I´ll try...
  • Flohre
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    Dear Triem23,
    yes, you are right....i found the proxy-file.
    But do i have to re-import it into vegas? If so, vegas recognizes this file not as a Proxy, but as a complete new file...

  • Triem23
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    I think another thing is that Hitfilm is optimized for Open GL and Vegas is using Open CL. Open GL is a more mature protocol than Open CL and is generally faster.
  • Flohre
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    aaaaaah :-)
    Hopefully Sony will change that
  • Triem23
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    Probably not. One of the unique things about Vegas is how it's pretty format agnostic. It will cheerfully take media of a prettywide range of codecs and rresolutions natively. Final Cut and Avid really want you to transcode everything to a certain intermediate first, and Premiere prefers that as well. Transcode on input makes it easier to optimize real-time playback (excepting Final Cut, which took a shamefully long time to implement), but means you end up wasting time and disc space transcoding footage you'll never use.