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I have installed and activated Hitfilm4 Express and got started editing a clip, I don't have any 2d transitions. In fact when I look at the effects menu I only have options under the Quick 3D folder and the 3D effects folder, all the others seem to be empty, what am I doing wrong?


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    @johnsimms27gmailcom  Are you creating a composite shot, or are you on the editor timeline?  Video transitions like fade, dissolve, etc. are only available in the Editor not composites, if I'm not mistaken.  Hitfilm University is doing a very comprehensive series and if I not very mistaken in the third part he might have mentioned this:

    If you haven't checked these out, they are a wealth of good, solid information.

    Just fired up my old Express 3 and I can see the "Transitions (Video)" effects folder and the subfolders, but I can't drop them in a composite like I thought.  I can in Editor though

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    It sounds more like the effects aren't there at all, rather than not working in the Editor timeline. Try reinstalling and rebooting your computer.

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    Is there anything in the search box? If it is, then the effects won't show up as they are being filtered by the search.

    If there is nothing, then try what @inScapeDigital said. 

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    ok thanks guys, I'll try reinstalling and re-booting. When I'm actually in the editor timeline and I click on effects there are only the 3d effects and nothing else. I'll let you know if it works.

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    that worked thanks very much for your help

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