Hitfilm 2017 reflection scale

just to check ...how do i set the reflection scale ? in hitfilm 2017

i expect the horizon to refract equally as above so below. for example i added a  text model underneath with a transparent floor this is what i should get but the floor reflection is not giving me this.

BTW just downloaded a trail of 2017 looks very neat = awesome the improvements are in leaps and bounds.  next time please let us render out a few days of trial stuff.  would help 


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    no takers?

    the issue is say i have an surface object that is reflecting background. the surface is set up in zero z space. it is reflecting a reflection map BUT. 

    in this case a flame which i want reflected on the surface = where / how do i set up that flame?  based on what?  do i copy that flame layer and shift in forward in z space till i see its reflection = ? 

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    Hitfilm doesn't deal with reflections quite how I think you think it does. (And I made the same error when HF4 came out)

    Hitfilm doesn't raytrace, so telling a fire layer to cast reflections and the text block layer to receive reflections isn't going to give you a "mirror-like" reflection.

    "Mirror-Like" reflections in Hitfilm are driven by the Specular Reflection parameters for 3D models or by the Environment Map parameters in effects like 3D Extrusion and Caustics. In all these cases, what is reflected is entirely dependent on the contents of the source layer for the Environment Map.

    3D Plane and Video Layers along with Particles and Models set to Cast Reflection, and the Diffuse Reflectivity parameters of a 3D model's materials are behaving more like IBL (Image Based Lighting), which means instead of a mirror-like reflection it's more like a diffuse reflected light--as an example of what I mean, try picking up a piece of colored paper or cloth and bouncing light off it to your hand. Your have doesn't have a mirror-reflection of the paper/cloth, but the reflected light on your hand will pick up the color of the object..

    So I think your flame is going to have to be copied to an embedded composite shot along with any other environment map image you're using, then tweaked for a bit until it's sized and placed correctly to get picked up as a more-or-less correct reflection.

    Now, that said, it is possible with the proper tweaking to get VFX to work as mirror-reflectons with Environment Maps. I'm going to link to OrangePekoe Media's short "Meta," which was done back in Hitfilm Ultimate 2 (Which means he didn't have a lot of the materials and lighting options added in the later three revisions of the software). Take a look right at 30 seconds in where the metahuman starts throwing fireballs at the attack drone. In the reversal there is this beautiful reflection of the background plate and the VFX fireball spinning off and hitting a column. That reflection is all set up in Hitfilm with an environment map. That particular shot still stands up as one of the best single VFX shots I've seen in Hitfilm... (The whole thing is really solid--the weakest part of the video is the old and stale Action Essentials 2 stock debris)

    And I'll link his Before and After comparison, too.

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    ok but the parameters ARE there IN hitfilm but wrong  in other words it should be 0 but it is setup back to front

    proof right here

    in other words it should be set up at 0 same size and moving back negative smaller in perspective not getting bigger.   

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     Except it's not raytracing. It's faking reflections using a reflection map, which means the physics will not work as you expect.

    You're getting close to what you're after, you'll just have to mess around a bit more.

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    ok i get your point...still i am very impressed with Hitfilm ...wow amazing workflow.

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