Shooting a Fight Scene

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Hi guys. I know this is a VFX-interest heavy forum but I thought a lot of people here would also be interested in this kind of topic. We've had a run of youtube tutorial videos on shooting action scenes, our forte. And now we'll be holding a workshop on how to film a fight scene, pulling in all aspects from the direction, choreography, camera op/Director of Photography, stunt fighting, editing and more. Sign up for the workshop directly for $20 and it includes a pass to the rest of the Urban Action Film Festival for the day on Nov 9th, 2013 at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan! Guests include Michael Jai White (Mortal Kombat: Legacy), Jeff Imada (Choreographer of the Bourne series), Kelly Hu and more.
Our youtube channel with a small sample of our work:

Sign up:
ope to see you folks there!  :D


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    Taken a look at your channel and you've got some great content on there.
    This will definitely be of interest to users wanting to create a realistic looking fight scene - I kind of want a go, even though I have no need for it. Your guests also look pretty epic - congratulations!
    If I was in Manhattan and not Norwich, UK - I would definitely hit this up. 
    Hope it's a great event!
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    Just the kind of stuff I'll need in the not too distant future. Thanks, WJS! I am now a subscriber. :) 
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