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I first downloaded Hitfilm 4 Express but it crashed everytime I tried to open a new project, so I uninstalled it and installed Hitfilm 3 Express, which worked fine. When I wanted to export my video from there I realized I was on demo mode and could only export onto YouTube 30seconds, and that I needed to log in and enter my serial number. But when I go onto my account on the website, there's only the serial number for HitFilm 4 Express, which I downloaded again but is still crashing everytime I open it, so I can use neither and it is really urgent that I finish and export this video asap. What should I do? Just tell me how to fix either of the Hitfilm versions and I'll use that one. Thank you


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    Chances are this is all going to end up being bad news for you. 

    FxHome is no longer issuing licenses for HF3E, so you're out of luck there. 

    So, let's see if we can figure out what to do about Hitfilm 4.

    Can you list your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? 

    With the error you describe, the chances are your system is under minimum specs for Hitfilm. If this is true, then your solution is to get a better computer, or move your install and project to an external drive and go to a friend's (better) computer to render. 

    The only other thing to try is updating your GPU drivers and making certain they are current. 

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