Licencing questions.

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2 issues which I would like to know hitfilms view  on these issues.

 Ist issue

I edit on 3 different pc’s  in my home office two are all linked together as one network and one is totally separate but linked via data cable. The reason for this is some plugins don’t work with updated software so for example I run Boris Blue on one and Boris Red on another which I can use in Sony Vegas 10 as a media event but I cannot use the plugs, some 32 bit some 64 bit issues. For example I run Sony Vegas 10 with the same license on two of my computers legally from Vegas viewpoint but Sony Vegas 12 on another with a separate license which I used to grade the projects on.    so I render to a server which shares the data between all computers.

If I purchase hitfilm 2017…how many licence do I need if I want to run it on two of my computers at home office?

 2nd issue

I had one of my clients buy hitfilm pro 3 for their projects which I run on their computer at their office premises can I use the same hitfilm at my home office when working on the same projects ?  for me it is a conscience thing I don’t see an issue but how does hitfilm view this issue.


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    Hitfilm Pro's license allows installation on up to three PC's/Mac, so if you purchase HItfilm Pro for the home office, one license covers both the home desktops and you have one left for a laptop!

    Technically, if the client bought HF3 then technically it is the client's license which technically doesn't allow you to use the same license at home, as we're talking multiple locations and owners of hardware.

    Note if you buy an HFP 2017 license, HFP3 projects can migrate forwards to 2017, but once saved in 2017 can't go back to HFP3.

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    I think it raises an interesting question is if Hitfilm allows a user with a Hitfilm 2017 licence the ability to run a Hitfilm Pro 3 software under that same licene, thereby allowing the user who in this case is working with a client that has older software the ability to support them without making the project incompatible. Obviously it would be sensible to sugget an upgrade maintenance path for the client, but I can see why they might not want to splash the cash just yet.

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    @Andy001z The answer is probably no. Buying Windows 10 doesn't automatically give you old Windows XP, and I'd not expect an HFP2017 license to automatically give you Hitfilm's 1-4.

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    @Triem23 that clears it up for me. that's exactly what I wanted to know. Hitfilm is such a good product and at a price that is affordable even for the guy that produces content occasionally. i want to support Hitfilm in every way way of saying thanks so much for a really good product that is fresh and so creative.   what a pleasure you guys are.