Problems with Hitfilm Express

I recently purchased Hitfilm Express to get my feet wet with Hitfilm, eventually buying Ultimate when i have the money. It seems to be a great editor with all the tools i need for my films. I am just running into a few issues that make editing my film nearly impossible. Before i continue i would like to say that i have checked the requirements for the program and my computer more than exceeds the recommended specs. So, my first issue is that my footage will sometimes come out choppy. i have compressed it in almost every setting in the program MPEG and every setting seems to give HItfilm an issue with running the footage, the most confusing part is i will edit my film to just raw, export it, and it will be perfectly fine once exported. This issue simply makes it very difficult to edit. The next issue is that my program seems to not want to take Action Essentials 2 stock footage. Hitfilm will either say it was not imported or, it will freeze the program. I have checked the website for both issues and tried just about every suggestion and nothing seems to work. If someone could try to find a way for me to resolve this issue please respond, at the moment i am worried i just wasted $250.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Can you please give us some specs for your machine?
    Graphics Card:
    Also, please let us know what format and settings the footage you are using is encoded with.  The footage format and the hardware are the two main things to check when addressing performance issues, so if you can get us those details, we should be able to isolate which is causing the issue.
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    The format that seemed to run the smoothest was codec as H.264 and the with the resolution as 1280 X 720. I chose that format by getting footage provided in one of the tutorials on Your guys Youtube page and tried to duplicate the format of the footage.