How to trim and save clips as source media

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Hi I'm new to video editing.  I want to take a 10 minute source video and want to clip 3 x 30second clips from the source file.  However, I don't want to place these clips in the timeline but I want to save and import them as source files.  I want to do this to have easy access to the clips in case I want to delete or remove them from the time line.  Is there an easier way to do this than exporting each clip as a video file and re importing the file?


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    In Hitfilm you'll have to select the 30 second clips, drop them on the timeline, set in/out points around each clip in turn and re-export them. There's really only one other way to do it (note: In HFP2017, you can drop each clip on the timeline, right-click it to send to export queue and at least batch render).

    The only other option is to trim the segments to a composite shot timeline and save the composite shot to re-import.

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