[Solved] Activated my account and hitfilm stays in demo mode

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I just got Hitfilm today, and I had some trouble activating. I reinstalled it 3 times and got it working, and I activated with the serial code and everything.  Just now I finished with a small project, and when I go to export it, it says it's still in demo mode! I'm lost here and I would appreciate any answers! 


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    Actually, I apologize. I rebooted it and I guess that was all it took. Hopefully this will help anybody else who has this problem. Titteloo!

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    I activated Hitfilm4 on the computer I am currently using, when I go to export it says that I am in demo mode.  When I try to login it gives me a choice to Activate and unlock..(which I have already done)  after typing in my Login details it confirms I am logged in, but I am still in Demo Mode and now its just asks me to deactivate the computer I am using... but thats not what I want to do.... Please Help?

    This seems harder then it need to be.

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    Tried rebooting?

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     please folks...always safety reboot !!!   with steel toe cap boots, nothing hurts more than dinging that pinky toe. or trying to extract a overheated processor from your melting socks 

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    You shouldn't need to reboot your computer after activating, sounds like something is going wrong there. You do need to restart the software itself, but the activation wizard will tell you to do that as the final step.


    In your case, it's possible the activation state got out of sync, so the online server thinks you are activated (and on the same computer as you're using) but the license wasn't written properly. Please try this:

    1. In HitFilm, open the Options from the File menu, then select the Activation tab. Deactivate the software, then close HitFilm.
    2. Login to your online account here: http://hitfilm.com/account
    3. Deactivate any activations of the software listed there.
    4. Restart your computer.
    5. Launch HitFilm and re-activate using your account login info.

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    I've everything you've listed and I'm still in demo mode. I've even uninstalled the program and started a 2nd account. I'm still stuck in demo mode with an activated account.

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    Okay. It just starting working now.

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     how do i resart hit film express

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