Mocha - around Corners?

I have a video, taken while walking,... going down a street and turning to go up on my porch.  I would like for that to look like a steady-cam shot, (as if it's) floating over the ground, through the whole shot.

Is it possible to save multiple (wadayacallums, mask? registration?) layers as the camera turns from the street toward my front door?



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    Yes. A plane can track for only part of a shot. As long as you have two planes that are always tracking, and they overlap a few frames (half-second) you can track continuous shots. 

    No, wait I described camera solves and object tracking, you're asking about stabilization? I don't think so since Mocha Pro has a stabilization module. 

    The two track might help, but Hitfilm doesn't really have the stabilization tools you're looking for. Which thread did we just discuss this in? 

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    Hmmm,... I thought I saw, in one of the Tutorial Videos out there, that Mocha HitFilm did include stabilization.  In the shot I'm wanting to do, I will probably need three or four planes along the way. 

    I did try this with the little point (red-green boxes) trackers, and got a reasonable result, until the camera turned to face my house, losing those two points.

    This is the first time I've inquired about Mocha, so someone else must have asked a similar question - although I couldn't fine one, before adding this new Comment.

    Thanks -

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    @DesignR You might want to check out some of the options in this thread for stabilizing outside of HitFilm first.

    FFMpeg is free if you want to go the command line route. Convert v4 is inexpensive and provides a GUI interface to FFMpeg's stabilization. Deshaker is free. It will take a little time to set up VirtualDub and get it going but the results are usually pretty good. ProDAD Mercalli is very good and the coupon code talked about should still drop the price to $99.00


  • DesignRDesignR Website User Posts: 26

    Thank you, Aladdin4d,... I'll check these out-

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