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Hi everyone !


I'm working on a video clip for one of my songs called "butterflies". I want to re create a virtual stage setup with copies of myself playing all the instruments. I made the stage, the drumkit and the keyboards in Blender, and the next steps are done in Hitfilm. 


My last additions to this project are a couple of light beams. I created rotating gobos with fractal noise -> threshold, simple light bars and a grade layer with auto volumetric effects applyed on each element makes the rest. Here's a sample :



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    Making the whole song will be challenging since I'll have to adapt the lights directions for each camera angle, and the biggest problem is rendering time : for this 17s sample, it took 4 hours to render the scene, so for a 5 minutes song I think I'll have to optimize the composition ! Maybe by turning off shadows or pre-calculating all the background stuff...

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    Couple things to look at in your project are how and where you have embedded composite shots. Anything that's an embedded composite shot (that isn't 3D unrolled) should be proxied (I've had projects where proxying an embedded composite sped up render time by 300%.)

    Anything below you that doesn't directly affect your plates should be embedded and proxied.

    Directional and Spot lights render faster than point lights. If you have point lights, changing them to the other types will speed up rendering.

    If you're keying yourself--do that in an embedded composite shot and proxy!

    Two other notes--I once had a 20 second shot take 30 hours to render. And, on Disney's Frozen--a studio production with a render farm, the single most complex frame of the film (In the ice castle during "Let it Go." took 170+ HOURS TO RENDER!

    So you have a complex scene happening, but render times aren't excessive.

    THat said--liking the intro to the song, liking the look you're aiming for. Since you have light "beams" I think you need to add some "haze" layers over yourself. right now the band is too clean and sharp for the lighting to be showing that much particulate. :-)

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    Many thanks for the tips ! I think there is a point light in the background, the other ones are spots. But if I have many beams, I won't need the silhouettes to cast shadows anymore. 

    When I started working on this project I was keying myself in embedded composite shots but it was really demanding for my computer (5 characters in full hd with chroma keying, spill removal and a histogtam treatment...) so I made five PNG sequences with alpha. 


    There must be a couple of things I can do to optimize this happy mess, thanks mister !

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    Removing two point lights and rendering the screens animations to 200*200 pixels videos, the export time for this sequence went from 4 hours to 40 minutes... I think I can do better with smaller versions of the musicians (instead of full hd videos) in the ensemble shots...