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I'm using a 1440x900 Widescreen monitor and Geforce Experience to record my gameplay. What record setting should i use to avoid those black bars? Geforce experience recording options are: Gameplay (my native resolution), 1080p and 720p. 30 and 60 FPS.

I'm looking for something like this (uploaded and edited using Movie Maker): 

Any advice?



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    That was answered already here

    But if you don't want to change your resolution

    You can record at your native resolution (1440x900) which is a 16:10 aspect ratio, and edit in a smaller size, but at the desired 16:9 ratio like 1280x720.

    Then  you will have the "same resolution" of your video, but it will be kind of cropped. You can resize your footage, but there will always be a portion which has to be left out. Here is a visual representation of that:


    On the other hand, you could work with a 1920x1080 (also 16:9 aspect ratio), but your original footage will be smaller than the viewer. Like this:


    Then, there is very little you can size up (or zoom) without losing anything from your original footage. But then the black bars appear.


    Of course you could keep zooming, but then, because there are no more pixels to read from, the pixels will be stretched and the footage will look... piexelated, even when the final video is at 1920x1080. 


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    @Emecorp just giving props for a fantastic explanation. 

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    @Emercorp Awesome explanation, really appreciated. Thanks.

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    So glad it helped! And hey, share your results !

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    @Emecorp I decided to start recording our boss kills and that's my first one using Hitfilm 4 Express. I'm starting to like this video editing thing. It seems i'll have to buy a full HD monitor sooner than i expected.

    Actually, i've uploaded one using Movie Maker...let's pretend that never happened...

    Thanks again!


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    Cool! Remember that the tools are tools. And HitFilm is pretty good one!

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